The Easiest Way to Forward Emails to Evernote

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Emailing to Evernote Made Easy

Tired of jumping through hoops to send emails to your Evernote notebooks? InQloud is the solution you’ve been waiting for! InQloud does one thing - and does it perfectly. It lets you send your emails directly to Evernote notebooks in one simple step.

  • No struggling to remember your Evernote email address
  • No need to type the special '@' character and notebook names
  • No wasting precious time
It’s the no-hassle way to direct important messages to your specific Evernote notebooks from your email client, your mobile phone or iPad.

Why Use InQloud?

InQloud automatically creates a unique and easily identifiable email address for each of your Evernote notebooks. And it adds those email addresses into your Google contacts so you can send or forward emails directly from Gmail to specific Evernote notebooks.

  • Quick and simple initial set up
  • Synchronization between Evernote and Google Contacts
  • Automatic forwarding to specific notebooks via Gmail filters
Available for just $1.99 monthly or only $19.99 for a 1-year subscription!

GTD (Getting Things Done) means getting as much done as we can, in as few steps as we can, while staying organized in the process. InQloud has allowed me the opportunity to GTD more efficiently through my go-to GTD/productivity tool, Evernote. Being able to set an email filter that automatically sends my receipts directly into my 'Receipt' notebook for archiving, or one that allows for my RSS Feeds to go into my 'News' notebook for reading later, and without any extra steps, has given me the ease, productivity, automation and freedom that I need to run my marketing agency and live a happy life. Simple apps often do more than their more complex partners. InQloud is simple and so useful. I love it!

Lindsey C. Holmes
Evernote Small Business Ambassador
CEO / Lead Strategist and Developer, LCH Business SM & Tech

InQloud has given me a way to keep important emails top of mind despite my hectic schedule. With InQloud, I can easily forward emails that require action to the categorized “To Do” lists that I have set up as Evernote notebooks. InQloud has helped me immensely in keeping track of emails that require follow up. It’s great for ensuring that important tasks don’t slip through the cracks!

Dawn Mentzer
Freelance Marketing Writer, Editor, Proofreader & SCORE Marketing Specialist and Business Mentor